Postpartum Services:

You’ve given birth and now you are cleared to take your new baby home! Now what? Women are treated with reverence and respect when they are growing a child, but once the baby is born it’s common to feel a bit abandoned. Normal care means that you won't see a doctor for 6 weeks after your baby is born and most of us are left with questions and insecurities about what is normal and abnormal in the healing process. I visit with you in your home and provide things like emotional support, breastfeeding support and general home support. If you are choosing to breastfeed I will help to make sure you are setting yourself up with a good supply and the most comfort possible. Home support could be something as simple as tucking you both into bed for a few hours to practice breastfeeding, doing a load of laundry, bringing a frozen meal or two, watching the baby or older kids so you can shower, or just being another adult to talk to.

Birth packages come with 1-3 visits within the first 6 weeks, but additional postpartum support is also available. Support in the later months looks more or less the same but things are added such as accompanying you on errands or to the grocery store (which can seem like an incredibly daunting task, believe me!). I can also provide information around soothing techniques, breastfeeding or bottle feeding, bathing, sleep habits (or lack thereof!) and will also help explain normal newborn behavior. Everyone needs an extra set of hands during this time and it is nothing to feel ashamed of. Being a new parent can be overwhelming, but there is no reason you have to do it alone.


Postpartum package includes:

  • Personalized Postpartum plan
  • Emotional and physical support
  • Assistance with self care recovery
  • Breast or Bottle Feeding Information, Assistance, and Support
  • Baby care support (bathing, diapering, soothing, swaddling)
  • Sibling Adjustment and Care
  • Meal Preparation, Grocery Shopping
  • Light Housekeeping (laundry, dishes, pet walking)
  • Education and Resources on Infant Development and sleep
  • Overnight care (Premium of 5% on all visits between 10pm- 6am)
  • Special Mommy Gift Basket


10 Hours
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20 Hours
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30 Hours
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